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How to Sew Prayer Dress?

Namaz Elbisesi Nasıl Dikilir?

Prayer dresses are clothes designed for women who want to pray in accordance with Islamic conditions. You can use the prayer clothes in a very comfortable and practical way while reading and listening to the Quran, in ceremonies such as funerals, and to give other examples, during visits to the cemetery or tomb. How to Sew Prayer Dress? You can search for your questions about how the model should be, according to Islamic conditions, and by paying attention to the rules to be considered, you can sew a one-piece prayer dress to cover the parts of the body that need to be covered.


What Should Be Considered?

  • You should use sweat-proof fabrics to manufacture the garment you want to sew.
  • If you want it to be practical, you need to sew it as a one-piece self-scarf prayer dress.
  • It must be planted to meet religious requirements.
  • It should be sewn loosely so that it can be easily put on and taken off.
  • It needs to be designed to fit in your bag in order to fully function and use it everywhere.

You can sew practical prayer dresses by paying attention to these and similar rules, or you can examine the prayer dress models that we have presented for our valued customers. Thanks to these clothes, you will be able to perform your prayers very easily. You can also gift these and similar clothes to your loved ones with peace of mind and have them perform their prayers in a good way. For example, by buying or sewing prayer clothes for your children, you can make them happy and lead them to Islam or make them pray with enthusiasm.

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